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Purdys Chocolatier - Chocolate Origin at Rideau Centre

Sarah Freemark of CTV Morning Stay Ottawa debuts Purdys Chocolatier's chocolate fountain at Rideau Centre. Visit us online at http://www.

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Origin Awakening

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To dated, I’ve been in France for 2 whole months now, and have only gone on one trip (Morocco). As a result, I feel like I’m falling behind all of my other exchange mates who have gone to what seems like a mad as a March hare amount of places already. I know, I know, it’s not a competition, and comparisons are bad, but it still means I’ve decided to get off my butt and just make it rain and go everywhere and anywhere I want to go. This weekend, I’m headed to Lausanne, Switzerland to drop in on a... One is a friend who I actually met back home while she was on exchange at my school, and the other is also a uni friend. So nice to see some faces from home, and also just goes to show how great it is to make international friends. Since Switzerland is legendarily high-priced, I picked the cheapest way to get there using the BlaBlaCar carpooling service (covoiturage. fr) and found a ride from Lyon to Grenoble, then Grenoble to Lausanne. It totals up to about 21 euros, compared to the 21 swiss francs it would’ve fetch me just to take a ferry from Geneva to Lausanne…You really need to be creative and resourceful and thank goodness for the internet. I grabbed a carpool just after class today at 6pm to get to Grenoble. The Friday evening See trade was pretty awful, so it took almost 2 hours for what should usually take just over an hour. Mitchell, a friend from back home is on exchange in Grenoble, so he was nice enough to let me continue to be over at his for the night. We grabbed dinner at a nice restaurant that looked oh so French with its cavernous (it was huge, but also just looked like a cave/cellar) dining flat where I stuffed myself with a potato smothered in my favourite cheese here, Tomme de Savoie,... Since it was dark by the time I got into the city, I could only see faint outlines of the huge mountains that surrounded Grenoble on its 3 sides. ) and it seems like a French idea of Vancouver, where everyone is super active, especially in regards to skiing and hiking every weekend. The next morning I had to wake up super early to bus to my carpool pickup putting, but made it there on time with no issues. The drive to Lausanne was nice and my car-mates were lovely to chat with. I got into Lausanne just before 10 am and took the train (Swiss trains are honourable, on time and so quiet) to get to Gaby’s, my friend I was visiting and staying with. After a nutritious breakfast, we biked to Commune de Pully for a hike in some vineyards at Le Vignoble de Lavaux, which I just found out is a UNESCO sphere heritage site. The bike ride there and back and the hike were probably the most exercise I’ve done in way too long a time… The vineyard was beautiful though, giving us gorgeous views of Lac Léman (Lake Geneva) and the mountains in the family as well as... Some parts were pretty steep, but all of it was worth it (and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right. I chose a great time to come stay Lausanne because the weather for the next few days here is incredible — sunny days with just the right amount of gentle breeze. After the hike, we took a bit of a rest to get some work done, and then made dinner, after which I went to see another beau of mine from back home who is here on an internship. We ended up just hanging out and drinking wine, and walking around the city trying to find more wine and maybe even pizza afterward, to no avail. After breakfast this morning we walked hither the city where I think I may have climbed the steepest street of my life – Chemin du Petit Chêne. It’s an old building with carved animals outlining the doorway and a exalted staircase upon entering, exactly like a palace. We then continued on to the Cathédrale de Notre Dame, which sits on a peak that gives you a great view of the town. The church itself wasn’t very large, but was nice and empty with wicker chairs all lined up perfectly (my friend keeps saying I’d love Switzerland because the total is so well organized, and I’m starting to think she has a point, haha). We headed back downhill to the lake through the Musée Olympique for lunch. Lausanne is in reality referred to as the Olympic Capital since it’s home to the IOC (International Olympic Committee). Eating our sandwiches while taking in the view was magnificent.

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Capital chocolate fountains made this charming candy display.

Capital chocolate fountains made this charming candy display.
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precio 11

precio 11
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Palpable Bar Mitzvah | DC Sports Have a Bar Mitzvah | TPC Potomac
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Cooking recipes

Tim and Tracy's Chocolate Bar (Boiled)
Ingredients:baking soda, butter, cocoa powder, eggs, flour, sugar, water

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Butterscotch Chip Cookies Technique
Ingredients:cocoa powder, baking soda, brown sugar, butterscotch chips, eggs, flour, milk chocolate, salt, semisweet chocolate chips, sugar, vanilla extract

Darn Solicitous Chocolate Cake ( Cake Mix Cake)
Ingredients:frosting, cake mix, eggs, chocolate pudding, sour cream, vegetable oil, water

Angelina?s Hot Chocolate
Ingredients:chocolate, water, milk, sugar, water, whipped cream

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At Manischewitz, the Sneaking Equity Owner Keeps Kosher
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All of a add up to the attractions was a photo booth, a matzo pizzeria, a chocolate fountain for dipping marshmallows and a giant ... recalled the process of buying Manischewitz from the investment determine Harbinger Capital Partners, which is run by Philip A.

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Turin, or Torino, has come a fancy way since serving as Italy’s first capital 150 years ago to hosting the Winter ... and the hazelnut-infused chocolate that is Gianduja. Turin’s major streets, including vias Po and Roma, sustain out of this grand square ...

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For couples who thirst to recreate that Ocean's Eleven moment, they can marry on the Terrace of Dreams that overlooks the gargantuan fountains and surrounding ... truffles and chocolate-covered strawberries. Just minutes away from The Loot, the Keep Memory ...

$135.00 For THIS??!! Get R.E.A.L.
$135.00 For THIS??!! Get R.E.A.L.

Esculent Arrangements had better not not even think of reporting me for abuse! Edible Arrangements sends me 3-4 e-mails a DAY for promoting outrageously over-priced fruit. That's WITH the dicounts, coupons, and sales! That marketing throw is as abusive as it gets! I do not buy from Edible Arrangements. I did not sign up for their emails. One look at their prices, back in 2010, and I lost interest. As an adult female child who's passionate about socially applied mathematics, that is to say the study of modern day economics, I can not see any logical reason for spending $135.00 on a .99 cent tin bucket with $10. significance of sliced fruit stuck on .50 cents worth of Bamboo skewers. Now, if a really cute, smart, female actually K.I.S.S.E.D. the fruit... I can contrive of 4 right off hand... Shit I'd pay a fortune for it... No. Seriously! As a real artist, I take very little and create something cunning. It lasts for a LONG TIME!!! This fruit sculpture gets pooped out, and flushed...

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menu of 32 'tastes' of chocolate 11/21/2004 Another Day in Rome! The Colossium, and old Roman Overeat. tags: rome italy heather rich (these are my fragmented notes from the time...sorry if they suck) My Plan for day two... Pantheon to piazza venezia to capital hill museums peradventure check out the underground passage to the tabularium back door to forum? forum coleseum (or do it backwards and have lunch in the pantheon->trevi fountain alley) Lunch...(that seems way ambitous!) metro to household station ATAC 110 bus tour Cappucin Cruypt Borghese museum ....that is all I want for tomorrow :-). What actually happened... Coleseum Palatine hill forum tolerable lunch pantheon-wonderful gellati! wonderful tried to go to cappucin...failed because it was closed Borshese-fantastic got lost trying to get back...finally took a bus. looked at pictures at the hotel went to dinner down the concourse-best meal so far. great great sex! I mean, great sex. Incredibly tired out...

Photo by Rich Gibson