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Chocolate Fountains are a Celebration Hit!

Chocolate fountains are always a squeeze pleaser. Fountains are warm, flowing dark, milk or wh.

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A spectacular persist weekend spent with Thorsten in the UK

Source: My Year on the Other Side of the Pond

Thorsten leaves to go back to Germany on Friday, so this was the wear weekend to see each other and we decided that I would take the train up to Swansea this time. We originally (or should I say he) hoped to leave at 6:30, I thought that was rather ambitious, but didn’t say anything. According to Google Maps it was 1 hour and 40 instant drive, and we arrived just around 9:00am. We then parked and walked around Bristol, there was barely anyone out yet and when we first got there it was a little cloudy, but it turned out to be a... We then walked along the river that runs toe the city. And got to a little intersection where they had a dock that goes out, we then saw we could get a water taxi up to a famous boat (can’t remember what it was called, or why it was famous at the moment). So we decided to take the motor boat since it would be fun to see the city from the water and it was cheap-ish, even though it was a short walk. So then we went and saw the boat, through a fence and then a window since you had to pay a large amount to go up to it. We then walked back to where we had started, and there was a big crane that was delightful people up to bungee jump, kind of weird,... Was fun to see them rolling around there. All along underneath where the centre was, was a little market going on where the bike prototype is from. It was Chai tea and the guy asked me if I wanted the normal one or an almond (I think) flavored one. I said just the normal one, to which he said he really had to find a better name for it since reasonable sounds boring or bad. I then asked if this meant that I could have the tea for free, he said no but said that I could have this pretty looking rosewater and cardemone cupcake instead. had such amazing smelling scoff, we were a little sad to have already bought food, but it was a cheaper route. The markets looked so nice and were so hidden, it seemed like you had to know they were there, which was really refreshing. We then walked a bit more around the city, before taking the car out of the garage and then putting it back in. It would be cheaper if we did that then if we left it there all day. We then walked around bath, which is quite small, but very old and exceptionally nice looking, for a few hours. We walked up to “The Crescent” where there were so many people sitting outside in the grass, so we sat and enjoyed the sun for a while. We then walked around the whole borough a bit more, stopped and had a coffee (we had been up for a while by then, a did a lot of walking. ) before taking a train at 6:30 or so, back to Bristol. It was really so nice to see, however there were a lot of tourists there. Yeah I know I am a tourist too, but its more acute to be somewhere were there aren’t a lot of other tourists. Back in Bristol we moved the car once again, this time to a different car park, and then got some food (pizza and a kebab) because we were so hungry, and sat by the river on a bench. By then it was already 8 or so. And I passion, SO BADLY, that I had taken a picture, but I didn’t, so instead I found one online and will post that. Anyway, we were sitting there on the bench stuffing our faces and there are drunk people already all for everyone, it seemed like a bar area of the city, a ton of women on hen parties. People everywhere really. Then hear people laughing and taking pictures right to the freedom of us. Its hard to get the idea of the bench without a picture, but it was a curved bench then way higher up on the ends, and they were behind there. Anyway then the guy comes down and is zipping his pants up. We just looked at eachother and were like “did he categorically just pee there. Then more and more people come up and do the same, we were like what the hell is going on. So when we get up to leave, we looked to see what it was and sure enough it was something that looked like a urinal. We were both just thinking no way its not possible, and decided to look it up when we got back. Unshakeable enough, I looked the next day and there are a few cities in the UK that are doing a 10 week trial of these urinals in city centres to see if people will use them instead of urinating in public, on buildings.

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Total Chef Double Chocolate Fountain - 2.75 lb - 3 Tiers - 16.5 Height

Total Chef Double Chocolate Fountain - 2.75 lb - 3 Tiers - 16.5 Height

(Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping))

Price: $130.01

Does a waterfall of melted chocolate cascading down onto an awaiting strawberry sound appealing to you? Look no further, because the Total Chef Double Chocolate Fountain is the perfect addition to your next party. Your guests will love the experience of dipping strawberries, bananas, pineapple, or cake into the delightful chocolate waterfall that flows out of the fountain. Made of stainless steel, this innovative product safely and continuously heats chocolate in its basin. The melted chocolate then cascades over two three-tier towers to create delicious curtains of chocolate. Melt dark and white chocolate for a delicious and beautiful two-tone fountain. The heated stainless-steel bowl holds up to 650ml (22oz) of chocolate per basin, and its auger-style pump creates a two-tiered waterfall of melted chocolate. Dazzle your friends and family with the Total Chef Double Fountain at your next party

Costway 4 Tiers Commercial Stainless Steel Hot New Luxury Chocolate Fondue Fountain

Costway 4 Tiers Commercial Stainless Steel Hot New Luxury Chocolate Fondue Fountain

(Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping))

Price: $39.99

A chocolate fountain is a device for serving chocolate fondue. Typical examples resemble a stepped cone, standing with a crown at the top and stacked tiers over a basin at the bottom. The basin is heated to keep the chocolate in a liquid state so it can be pulled into a center cylinder then vertically transported to the top of the fountain by a corkscrew auger. This chocolate fountain can be used in shopping mall, hotel, western restaurant, wedding and graduation ceremony, company and birthday party, it can bring a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.


Welsh Chocolate Fountains
Welsh Chocolate Fountains are a mavin family run chocolate fountain hire company based in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire near Swansea in Wales.

Chocolate Fountains, Fondue Fountains, Fountains of ...
The Ill at ease Entertainment Agency offer Chocolate Fountains, Chocolate Fondue Fountains and chocolate dipping fountains for events in London and across the UK

Sephra Chocolate Fountains |
Chocolate, fountains, and accessories for both commercial and family use. Includes a directory of local chocolate fountain caterers.

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#1 Source Chocolate
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... chocolate spray could add that extra something to your event

... chocolate spray could add that extra something to your event
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Chocolate Fountains
Image by www.yesentertainment.co.uk

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Chocolate Fountains for parties and festive events too... More
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Lee Lee's Praiseworthy Chocolate Sauce for Ice Cream
Ingredients:butter, cocoa powder, salt, sugar, vanilla extract, water

Ominously Delicious Microwave Chocolate Pudding for One!
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Darkest Chocolate Cupcakes (For Grownups!)
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St. Patrick's Day in the suburbs: More than a wee bit Irish
03/13/15, via Daily Herald

Viewing platform is located in front of Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park ... corned beef and cabbage paired with Scorched Earth Foraging Swine Smoked Ale, and chocolate burly cheesecake paired with Scorched Earth the Bitter Chocolatier Imperial Chocolate ...

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That the lines persist even in winter is testament to Smith and Cuscina's fulfillment of the defective part of their goal; they've constructed a collective home away from home for their neighbors, who assemble for birthday parties or just after-dinner treats.

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Mystic Lake - Graduation Social gathering - 9
Mystic Lake - Graduation Social gathering - 9

Photo by FestivitiesMN

chocolate source! @ Pajama Party
chocolate source! @ Pajama Party

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Chocolate Spring First Birthday Party
Chocolate Spring First Birthday Party

We had a degenerating chocolate fountain from Sunshine Chocolate Fountains for Sophie's first birthday party. We dipped in marshmallows and strawberries and used Belgian Callebeaut dark chocolate. Yum! Photo copyright Steph Ties. Use of this image without my knowledge is not permitted. Please contact me for approval if you wish to use this image.

Photo by stephbond