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Two Weeks In Dubai 2015

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Two Weeks In Dubai 2015 Dubai, the see of luxury and a bit of absurd. A lot of people from different countries come here for luxury holidays with sunny weather and cold cocktails. I saw Dubai from many perspectives – as robust tourist – as well as one of the expats. I must admit, I am physically exhausted after these intense almost 2 weeks spent in Emirates. Maybe the best way would be to go by one with everything – to keep away from being crazy boring and not to forget anything …. Even considering the religious habits, the country is quite liberal when it comes to dress code – it allowed and commonly seen –... But it has to have it’s boarder, so ladies … – No mi drifts allowed : (. (other than that – most is all right, except mosques/and strict areas etc. I remember – first thing I noticed after landing in Dubai – was the amount of white cars. Almost all the cars in the parking lot were ivory. Because the Emirates are still on a desert, so it’s crazy dusty everywhere, and for simple reason that the cars are not getting dirty so fast – most of the people get them in white. Also – the amount if cars, which price more money that I will ever earn in my life is huge. Another interesting thing – the number plates – the ones which are 3 digits or less are crazy expensive (now it it the worth of the car itself). The plates with single digits are given only by sheiks, so it this case – you’re dealing with VIPs. And I saw a car with ‘1’. (I don’t really have to explain how excited I got right. Another one about the cars …. It is indubitably not enough parking spaces in relation to the amount of cars. (Once we were searching for a parking spot in a shopping mall for an hour … AN HOUR. Lets say – I bear in mind it an introduction to the SE Asia drivers, but I must admit – I was shocked. But my personal favourite was when the cars were stopping all of the sudden – in the middle of the road. Like can you imagine a street with 4 lanes, full of cars and somebody suddenly decides to stop in the middle. What on earth …. I was surprised, because with quality of cars – I would be triple discreet – not to scratch it. ). Let me explain what I mean by this one. Basically, you know, when you’re entering a parking lot there is machine, which allows you to press the button in order to get a ticket. Reasonably, guess what, in Dubai, it is most likely, that there will be a person doing it for you and handing you the ticket. Like you are so mentally slow – you can’t deal with it yourself. I am not sure if it is because in the past people fucked up such a open task and caused some trouble, or that it’s for creating more working places. No idea, but it happened couple of times and I was very intrigued by it. I could find for example a prize of water or a chocolate bar (not that I was ever buying one. It happened in couple of more places. So I’m not sure if that’s a major thing, or I just went to all the wrong places. And is it because people just generally don’t sorrow of how much they spent in here. I don’t understand. It was very hard for me to accept. Especially, that I just got back from UK, where most people very carefully respect your ‘personal space’. Anyway, what happens is – you get into a look for and you immediately get surrounded by their staff, trying to assist you on buying something. I don’t know, I’m not a big fan of explaining my shopping choices to strangers and getting their most apt to fake advise : p. So if you are obsessed about your space, just don’t go to a shopping mall. Like at all. Well, I am well aware, that it is a religious and cultural thing, but my heart was crying, when I couldn’t have a stale beer, while having a dinner in a restaurant etc. It was so normal for me, to just go to the shop and get a beer, that I was forgetting, that I can’t all the time. Like ALL the time. ) But this was a little bit too much to wrap my percipience around it. : p. (Although, you can have alcohol in hotels, clubs etc. But no cold beer with your lunch. I don’t know what else to say,. I’m just gonna quickly go through the attractions, so you will have a root idea what to do in there (or my Mom will finally know what I did haha.


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Chocolate Spray Hire and Chocolate Fondue Fountains for weddings, birthdays and corporate events by the UK`s leading chocolate fountain hire company - chocolate ...

Chocolate Fountains
Chocolate Lovers Crockpot Recipes: Creamy Delightful Nut Crust Brownies. Just about any person will get pleasure from ingesting these brownies with a nut crust.Recipe ...

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fusing favours and sugar free chocolates chocolate fountains for rent

fusing favours and sugar free chocolates chocolate fountains for rent
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Buy Chocolate Well for Sales & Rental
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Seattle Chocolate Fountains Rentals in Seattle Chocolate Spray
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TIP | Chocolate fountains: Rent a chocolate fount for your next party. Much like a regular fountain, the luxuri…

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Tim and Tracy's Chocolate Block (Boiled)
Ingredients:baking soda, butter, cocoa powder, eggs, flour, sugar, water

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Ingredients:cocoa powder, baking soda, brown sugar, butterscotch chips, eggs, flour, milk chocolate, salt, semisweet chocolate chips, sugar, vanilla extract

Darn Adequate Chocolate Cake ( Cake Mix Cake)
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Afters charity: Tasty fundraiser returns to Adventure Aquarium
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The Philadelphia Chapter’s budget covers paid help, home ramp rentals, wheelchairs and other medical devices ... The evening features a chocolate fountain, music by Hot Hot Hot Entertainment and an auction with items such as vacation packages and ...

Excellent Southern Desserts
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Novel fruit and a chocolate fountain were among the goodies at the Jackson County Public Library’s Classic Southern Dessert event Thursday evening, at the Agriculture Complex on Penn Ave. The annual fundraiser for the library gives attendees the prospect ...

Amelia Ait the Most Romantic Place in Florida
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There was expressly chocolate shots, Italian gelato with chocolate sauce, a chocolate fountain and so much more chocolate. I must admit this had to be one of my favorite activities of our trip! Afterwards, we had cocktails with our new friends and danced all ...