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How to Use the Chocolate Fountain-head

An instructional video on how to use the chocolate spout, from Delux Tents & Events.

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Napa: Break bread, nosh, sip and shop at Cairdean Estate winery

The mark, just north of St. Helena on Highway 29, used to be the St. Helena Marketplace strip mall, and it had fallen into an aged, rather shambled state before it closed in 2010. But before it closed it In keeping with the friends' disquisition and

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Sit on the patio, which is the superlative place to take down a skillet of chashu hash with six-minute eggs or a stack of pancakes with TCHO chocolate, banana and house-made whipped cream, all within wafting mileage of marathon runners. 116 Judge John

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Napa: Sup, nosh, sip and shop at Cairdean Estate winery - SFGate


As construction crews turned the from the word go shovels for the Cairdean Vineyards & Winery project in mid-2013, they discovered some playful ghosts supervising them. The property, just north of St. Helena on Highway 29, used to be the St. Helena Marketplace peel off mall, and it had fallen into an aged, rather shambled state before it closed in 2010. But before it closed it had been home to the nonprofit Nimbus... The Cairdean workers assembled the figures into monuments all about the site, dressing some in vintage clothing, and placing skulls on courtyard walls. Perhaps the spirits brought good luck to what is now the nearly complete Cairdean Level. Its owners, Edwin and Stacia Williams , are wrapping up the final touches on their ambitious food, wine, retail and arts village that spans 7 acres next door to their 50-acre winery. The Agronomist & the Fox restaurant and bar is open, Butterscots Deli is serving sandwiches and scones, and two tasting rooms are pouring wine. The Rosgal Gallery art salon and in any case space will open in time for the Arts in April event, and May will see the debut of the Redolent Mercantile boutique offering items such as high-end jewelry, cashmere sweaters, rare Scotch and institution accessories. The 14,191-square-foot winery, with a capacity for 22,000 cases and flanked by 17,369 square feet of caves, is also slated to unconcealed to the public by May. “We had a few hiccups along the way,” Stacia Williams says. The couple ventured into wine in 2000, when Stacia Williams, then a software engineer in Boston, began buying grapes from California and making wine in the kindred garage and aging it in the basement. Edwin Williams was an aeronautical and astronautical engineering professional whose great-grandfather had owned a vineyard in Fresno. The several eventually moved back to Fresno so Stacia could earn a degree in enology and viticulture at Cal State Fresno. When they decided to get into the wine business full rhythm — just five years ago — they plunged in head-on, establishing their Cairdean brand with two vineyards in the Coombsville AVA of Napa County and the Russian River Valley AVA of Sonoma County. Stacia jumped in as winemaker and, not one to do things on a foolish scale, now makes Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Sangiovese, Petite Sirah, Zinfandel, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc , Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Rage Blanc and... The low-slung, barrel-roof winery was designed by architect Juancarlos Fernandez to blend into the landscape via its living grass roof and shading of vehement oak trees. Fernandez and his Signum Architecture of St. Helena has also designed the eco-friendly Cade, Hall and Odette Estate wineries. “We knew some people would be distressed when we started because it was something new,” Edwin says. Cairdean is the Scottish Gaelic word for friends, and the winery’s logo is an interlocking knot symbol, reminiscent of Celtic knots. In keeping with the friends’ disquisition and to introduce the facility to the community, the Williams threw a holiday party in December that included complimentary wine tastings, family photo portraits, hot chocolate, snacks and choir music next to the... The private tasting cell, called the Winemaker’s Den, opened a month later as a wood-paneled, clubby lounge with leather sofas in front of a tall fireplace. June saw the debut of the Farmer & the Fox restaurant, featuring dramatic black-and-white-tile floors, tufted leather banquettes, a bar lined with built-in banker lamps and something actually new for the Napa Valley: an eclectic British gastropub... Humphrey’s kitchen, outfitted with Montague ranges, a Baxter revolving tray bread oven, a rotisserie and a euphoric-end gelato machine, turns out popular items such as fresh-baked popovers and Scotch eggs, the latter bringing soft boiled eggs coated... Customers can pick up a whiskey-cured salmon sandwich on Mendocino seaweed-laced sourdough, a roast dunk and barley salad, some lamb and white bean soup or warm game pie, to eat on the willow-shaded patio or in the project opening next month: a...

Flavor Fountain - Assorted Chocolate Vanilla Strawberry Butter Pecan (4 Pack)


Price: $19.60

bFlavor Fountain - Assorted Chocolate Vanilla Strawberry Butter Pecan (4 Pack)/bbrManufacture ID: F-FF-4PKbrbrFlavor Fountainbr /br /The exclusive line of flavorings especially formulated for homemade ice cream shakes and smoothies. Suitable for use in the YayLabs! Ice Cream Ball blenders smoothie makers and ice cream makers of all types. Why settle for plain vanilla or struggle with complicated recipes with hard to find ingredients? These concentrated unsweetened kosher and non-allergenic flavorings will transform any plain vanilla recipe into a fun and colorful gourmet treat. Each 1.7 oz. bottle will flavor over three quarts of homemade ice cream or 10 shakes. br /br /Features: br /br /- Classic 4-Pack includes: br /- French Vanillabr /- Chocolatebr /- Strawberrybr /- Butter Pecan

Oster Chocolate Fountain FPSTCF7500WM-NP

Oster Chocolate Fountain FPSTCF7500WM-NP

( (dba Shopping))

Price: $54.99

Gather your friends at the table and offer a delicious treat with the Oster Chocolate Fountain. Its heated reservoir holds one to two pounds of melted chocolate for dipping strawberries, pretzels, marshmallows and more by using 8 fondue forks. The electric Oster Chocolate Fountain features an auger-style pump that uses any brand of chocolate to create a fountain. It has easy-to-operate settings and comes with a convenient drip tray that holds the chocolate. This kitchen specialty-appliance operates quietly and has adjustable feet to ensure a consistent flow of chocolate depending on the volume. It offers easy maintenance so you can quickly disassemble and wash it in a dishwasher.


Used Chocolate Source Rental Sales ~ CHOCOLATE FOUNTAINS!
Used Chocolate Spray Rental, Rentals and Sales, commercial manufacturer, Sephra Home Chocolate Fountains, Fountain Chocolate Fondue, Service, Repair, cheese ...

Used Chocolate Fountains :: Sagra, Inc.
USED CHOCOLATE Spring We have a great selection of used chocolate fountains. Looking to save a few dollars? Need a second chocolate fountain to match your current one?

Commercial Chocolate Fountains and Stainless Knife ...
Chocolate spray for commercial chocolate fountain rentals. Start your own chocolate fountain rental business with a commercial chocolate fondue fountain.

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Used Commercial Chocolate Fountains

Used Commercial Chocolate Fountains
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tellingly chocolate fountains chocolate fountain for domestic use perfect ...

tellingly chocolate fountains chocolate fountain for domestic use perfect ...
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Homemade Chocolate Tips and Tricks
Homemade Chocolate Tips and Tricks
Published by Best-informant 2014
194 pages

It’s right! You can have chocolate that won’t interfere with your dietary restrictions or health issues. Imagine being able to share a cup of luscious hot chocolate with a loved one on a cold winter night or being able to have a inspissated chocolate cake for your birthday. Wouldn’t it be great if you could eat a chocolate bar after a hard day? Or if you could treat yourself to some fancy chocolate truffles when you finish that project at work or make a deadline or get a promotion? You could benefit a luxurious cup of hot chocolate with your partner before bed. You can have chocolate whenever you want! Studies have suggested that eating chocolate on a regular basis can have some health benefits for people. Multiple studies have found that chocolate contains flavonoids, a class of polyphenol...

Making Clever Desserts
Making Clever Desserts
Published by V.T. 2014

Do you like desserts? What's sport than making your own! You can learn how to make the sweet pastry, invite your friends or relatives over and enjoy together! Learning to make your own cookies, cakes and chocolate brownie can be a remarkable fun hobby. If you really have the time and interest, I suggest you get this ebook and learn the steps to start this interesting hobby. This ebook contains tips and recipes of some pre-eminent desserts around the world. Get this ebook now before your saliva drops!

Cooking recipes

Subdue Buckeyes (Peanut Butter and Chocolate Candies)
Ingredients:butter, semisweet chocolate chips, powdered sugar, peanut butter, paraffin wax, vanilla extract

Chocolate Intrude Toasted Pecan Coconut Cookies Recipe
Ingredients:baking soda, flaked coconut, eggs, flour, brown sugar, sea salt, semisweet chocolate chips, butter, sugar, pecan, vanilla extract

Chocolate Meringue Swirls Cookies Technique
Ingredients:cream of tartar, egg whites, sugar, cornstarch, vanilla extract

Chocolate-Chunk Oatmeal Cookies With Pecans and Dried Cherries
Ingredients:flour, baking powder, baking soda, semisweet chocolate, brown sugar, cherry, eggs, oats, pecan, salt, butter, vanilla extract

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Bakers put their skills to examination in final of Great Derbyshire Dales Fairtrade Bake Off
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Ashbourne young lady takes the spoils at Great Derbyshire Dales Fairtrade Bake Off
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Her innovative layer cube used a variety of Fairtrade ingredients ... masterclass and offered visitors the chance to enjoy dipping fruit into a Fairtrade chocolate fountain. Mr Greenwood-Haigh explained why Perceive was different from many other chocolate ...

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The updated chocolate bars will no longer seat lactose, or milk sugar; PGPR, an emulsifier used to keep ingredients from separating ... Flynn's Soda Shop drinks, which are "soda fountain-head classics with a little modern sass," the company says; Waterful ...

Chocolate Font First Birthday Party
Chocolate Font First Birthday Party

We had a falling off chocolate fountain from Sunshine Chocolate Fountains for Sophie's first birthday party. We dipped in marshmallows and strawberries and used Belgian Callebeaut dark chocolate. Yum! Photo copyright Steph Agreement. Use of this image without my knowledge is not permitted. Please contact me for approval if you wish to use this image.

Photo by stephbond

What's in my bag
What's in my bag

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Who doesn't regard a chocolate fountain. Licensed under a creative commons share-alike. Use freely but give attribution to Craig Baerwaldt and link to

Photo by Craig Baerwaldt