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Informatory video on operating our Chocolate Fountains. If you are having trouble setting up your chocolate fountain, simply watch this quick, informative vi.

15 Leap-Summer Activities to Do With A Young Toddler in Utah County

Source: the little gunnell family

Then it's a challenge to think of activities to do with a young toddler. Either they're barely walking or else they're running all over and it's difficult to find inexpensive distractions that are fun for both of you (especially because there are a lot of boring toddler activities that adults take it out of of very quickly). So here are some fun suggestions for Utah County locals and especially moms who just NEED to get out of the house (I know I do. ). Not all of these are free, but if it's on here, it's been kid-tested and is probably importance a trip (at least once. This museum of stuffed animals is fun for walking around with little children and teaching them about animals of all forms. They also have a small extemporize area with a slide and cave for kids to play in. Live animal shows are performed on certain days and can be scheduled for private showings. The museum also has a crafty gift shop with lots of little animal figurines and books. Generally thought to be more for older children or young adults, Trafalga does have a few opportunities for unfledged children. The indoor blacklight mini golf is fun to let toddlers play around while you and your husband (or whoever) play a quick round of mini golf (sudden because you'll probably be chasing said toddler). The course is a fun obstacle course for a toddler and he or she will love chasing your ball or fetching it for you. They also sell Dippin' Dots and have a few games (like Ice Ball) that kids can participate in. If you win a few tickets, they can on some small prizes. Fun to explore for adults and children who can play with the display toys and learn the names for things throughout the rest of the store. There is a kids breadth for potty-trained children when you enter the store, and a small TV area for kids both in the entryway and in the food court. Kids eat free on Tuesdays so that's a secure day to check it out. Pet stores are like mini zoos for children and a fun little activity if you need something free and easy. There is a pet store on Center Drive in Provo with a variety of lizards, rodents, fish, and birds. If you happen to be at or near Wal-Mart, bring your little one to the fish center to look for a little while. This park located a little ways behind Orem Wal-Mart has a pond with a species of ducks and fish which you can catch with a fishing pole (as long as you toss them back). It's fun to feed the birds and there is a lot of room for kids to run and play.

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Chocolate Fountains, Chocolate Fondue, and Fountains of ...
Greet to Chocofountain.com! Chocolate is universally accepted as one of life's great culinary pleasures. Over the centuries it has evolved from an ingredient ...

Amazon.com : 1, 200 NEW 6" CHOCOLATE FOUNTAINS / KEBAB ...
12 collection of 6" skewers of 100 PCS. ideal tool for appetizer, kabobs, and chocolate fountains

LOOKING for: Where to get dairy-subject to chocolate?
My son loves Dig Life chocolate bars. They are free of many allergens including dairy. They are pretty good too. You can go to their website and it will tell you ...

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Chocolate Origin Tesco

Chocolate Origin Tesco
Image by aureolcom.com

The chocolate fountains were luscious, and the smells wafting out were ...

The chocolate fountains were luscious, and the smells wafting out were ...
Image by 30seconds.blogs.com

Speaking of Tenderness-Shaped Things: Belgium

Speaking of Tenderness-Shaped Things: Belgium
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Cooking recipes

Felix K.'s 'Don't even try to say these aren't the tucker you've ever eaten, because they are' Chocolate Chip Cookies
Ingredients:baking powder, baking soda, brown sugar, butter, eggs, flour, salt, vanilla extract, sugar

Creamy Hot Chocolate Mix in a Jar (For Ability-Giving)
Ingredients:chocolate pudding, cinnamon, powdered sugar, coffee creamer, chocolate, powdered milk, cocoa powder

Chocolate Caramel Cookies
Ingredients:cocoa powder, baking soda, brown sugar, butter, eggs, flour, pecan, sugar, vanilla extract

Coconut Chocolate Bars
Ingredients:baking powder, butter, butter, cocoa powder, eggs, flour, salt, flaked coconut, sugar, vanilla extract

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How Crusaders Slaughtered the Jews of Mainz
03/16/15, via Tablet Magazine

Some may have believed that they would honor their belief by massacring Jews in ... wise men and stars, baskets of chocolate eggs, stockings hung on the chimney mantle. Less charming is the passion to wrong the nonbeliever, the other believer, to rape ...

Lauren Daley's BookLovers: Goodbye, and thanks, to Nancy and Jan of Comrade's Village
03/16/15, via South Coast Today

The sweetmeats was special here, no boxes of brand names at a check-out line, but slabs of thick chocolate ... Nancy Crosby and Jan Hall. They’d been doing so before I ever stepped foot inside, and they continued to do so years after I outgrew the pop ...

A Fatalities of a Frigid New York Winter: Outdoor School Recess MAR 6
03/16/15, via New York Times

Representatives from the Trade Development Corporation who came to the meeting promised to do more to support vendors, to answer phone calls more efficiently, to fill empty stalls. They biting ... who runs a chocolate shop at Essex Street, told me.

"Old Fashioned British Sweets From Your Adolescence"
"Old Fashioned British Sweets From Your Adolescence"

1953: Nice rationing ends in Britain Children all over Britain have been emptying out their piggy-banks and heading straight for the nearest sweet-shop as the first unrationed sweets went on trade today. Toffee apples were the biggest sellers, with sticks of nougat and liquorice strips also disappearing fast. One firm in Clapham General gave 800 children 150lbs of lollipops during their midday break from school, and a London factory opened its doors to hand out free sweets to all comers. Adults joined in the sugar fever, with men in the City queuing up in their lunch breaks to buy boiled sweets and to enjoy the luxury of being able to buy 2lb boxes of chocolates to take home for the weekend. Do you about your favourite childhood sweets and the excitement of going to the local sweet shop and choosing from the vast array of jars on the shelves full of colourful entrance watering temptations? They were weighed by the quarter on a big old fashioned metal scale pan and packaged...

Photo by brizzle born and bred

Extreme British Brands - Bassett's Liquorice allsorts
Extreme British Brands - Bassett's Liquorice allsorts

(also spelled licorice allsorts) consist of a contrast of liquorice sold as a mixture. These confections are made of liquorice, sugar, coconut, aniseed jelly, fruit flavourings, and gelatine. They were first produced in Sheffield, England, by Geo. Bassett & Co Ltd who had captivated over Wilkinsons (Pontefract cakes/mushrooms), Barratts (sherbet fountains/sweet cigarettes) and Trebor (mints) before being taken over themselves by the Cadbury's consortium). Allsorts are produced by profuse companies around the world today, and are most popular in Britain, continental Europe, and North America. South African confectionery colossus Beacon produces substantial quantities of the product, where it is both sold locally and exported to such countries as Australia and Portugal. The Dutch name for liquorice allsorts is "Engelse down", and in Finland they are called "Englannin lakritsi/laku"; both literally translate as "English liquorice." Bassett's use the life story of...

Photo by brizzle born and bred

$135.00 For THIS??!! Get R.E.A.L.
$135.00 For THIS??!! Get R.E.A.L.

Esculent Arrangements had better not not even think of reporting me for abuse! Edible Arrangements sends me 3-4 e-mails a DAY for promoting outrageously over-priced fruit. That's WITH the dicounts, coupons, and sales! That marketing competition is as abusive as it gets! I do not buy from Edible Arrangements. I did not sign up for their emails. One look at their prices, back in 2010, and I lost interest. As an adult female girl who's passionate about socially applied mathematics, that is to say the study of modern day economics, I can not see any logical reason for spending $135.00 on a .99 cent tin bucket with $10. advantage of sliced fruit stuck on .50 cents worth of Bamboo skewers. Now, if a really cute, smart, female actually K.I.S.S.E.D. the fruit... I can contemplate of 4 right off hand... Shit I'd pay a fortune for it... No. Seriously! As a real artist, I take very little and create something ingenious. It lasts for a LONG TIME!!! This fruit sculpture gets pooped out, and flushed...

Photo by The People's Prodigy**Fugitive Savant