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Ko aczki) recipe . ,. . . . There is some debate as to who invented kolaczki (plural for kolaczek). Poles claim it but so do croatians, czechs and others.

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Cash crisis threatens dictionary of US regional English

“But nobody claimed to be eating German potato salad or a kolacky anymore.” And “if you ask for a slippery jim in Juneau or Algoma, there might be a few people who'd respond with something other than a strange look. (It's a pickle.)“ “There's a common 

How to make perfect edible Christmas gifts

My grandma Ptak, who lived in the heart of Illinois, would make no less than a dozen varieties of cookies every Christmas for giving out as gifts. Chocolate crinkles, plantation creams, peanut butter balls, Toll House chocolate chip cookies, kolackies

Swept from their homes, Chicago's Latinos built new community

SoundCloud cookie policyCookie policy · The birth of a Latino community. Follow the neighborhood's first Latino residents. In our audio story (above), Lucy Gutiérrez, 87, tells us about bringing her family to Pilsen when the place was still

Cash crisis threatens dictionary of US regional English - The Guardian

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A 50-year odyssey to chart the dialects of America – from the toad-stranglers (very heavy rains) of Indianapolis to rantum scooting (going on an outing with no definite destination) in Nantucket – is due to come to an end this summer when funding... A last-ditch attempt to save a project begun in 1962 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has been launched by Anna Lewis, a librarian at the university who has set up a Gofundme page to raise $25,000 (£16,000) for the dictionary. But even if Lewis’s total is reached – at the moment donations only just top $6,000 – it will be a long way from the $525,000 that makes up the dictionary’s annual budget. And without significant new funding, said chief editor Joan Houston Hall, the dictionary’s staff of five will disband “almost entirely” after 30 June this year. “Our financial crisis is not that funding has been retracted, but rather that, in this economic climate, we have simply not been able to find ongoing support,” said Hall. The Dictionary of American Regional English (Dare) first began interviewing people in more than 1,000 communities across the US in 1965, with the information gleaned from a 1,600-question survey. This was used to create a 60,000-word dictionary which was completed – with a final volume ending with the word “zydeco” – in 2012. Since then, the team has been working on a digital edition, which can be updated regularly, as well as a major... Residents of the state “still eat brats, lutefisk, and tiger meat (or cannibal sandwiches) and love a good fish fry,” wrote Dare’s Julie Schnebly of the findings. “But nobody claimed to be eating German potato salad or a kolacky anymore. “There’s a common notion that American English is becoming homogenised by the media and our mobility as a population. “The Wisconsin project was intended as a pilot project for an eventual re-survey of the whole country, so that we could collect evidence of the continuing vitality in and differences among American varieties. I still think that would be a hugely beneficial project, but it would be a very expensive and time-consuming one. So that’s one project that Dare will not be able to accomplish. Nor will we be able to continue to add to the dictionary all the additional materials we have been collecting since each volume was published. to make or mend in a makeshift way” – is recorded in the digital edition of the dictionary as first appearing in 1855. Chiefly used in the midwest, it is then shown appearing at intervals through the 19th and 20th century. ” But it’s still around in 2005, in the cited line: “Maybe I should whang together one of those PVC trebuchets I saw on the web a while back, and bombard her with water balloons”, and in 2008: “I just whanged up a couple of elisp modules to... Other initiatives now on hold, said the dictionary’s chief editor, include one to put transcripts of audio recordings from each US state online, and another to make the dictionary’s materials available to app developers. “Imagine an app for doctors, defining the thousands of regional and folk names for ailments and diseases. an app for regional foods. one for travellers in each region of the country. one for birdwatchers, with all of our regional and folk names for birds. one for writers who want their characters to use appropriate regional words and phrases. and one for makers of word games. the possibilities are limitless,” Hall writes in a piece for Dare’s forthcoming newsletter. “Ultimately, such apps could bring the lexical treasures of Dare to millions, while at the same time generating a small stream of income. Hall is adamant that the work of Dare is not finished, and that people remain “fascinated by differences in language, and they love to hear examples that make it clear that other people do use words differently”. Allan Metcalf, professor of English at MacMurray College and executive secretary of the American Dialect Society, agreed, calling Dare.

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European Kolacky | Fruit Filling Recipes | Kolacky Recipe ...
Solo Foods - learn more about our European Kolacky recipe. It's a great baking recipe for any occasion!

Eastern European Kolacky on Pinterest | Thumb Prints ...
Eastern European Kolacky. These Eastern European cookies are a necessity at many Bohemian family gatherings. In the Bohemian community, Kolacky recipes are preserved ...

Round Eastern European Kolacky Recipe - Kolacky Recipe ...
This recipe for round Eastern European kolacky uses baking powder, cream cheese and butter in the dough to make a flaky pastry.

European Kolacky

European Kolacky
Image by www.solofoods.com

Kolacky Cookies

Kolacky Cookies
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Very Merry Cookie Party
Very Merry Cookie Party
Published by Chronicle Books 2012
ISBN 9781452123851,1452123853
248 pages

Today's busy bakers want to make a gorgeous variety of delicious Christmas cookies without spending days upon flour-smudged days mixing, rolling, and baking. This is your guide to the Christmas cookie exchange, where everyone shows up with a few batches of homemade cookies to swap. It's all the variety without the fuss! Red-and-white striped edges make this adorable book look like a Christmas present, with 120 recipes to choose from, plus tips for decorating, planning, and throwing the party.

Treasury of Christmas cookies
Treasury of Christmas cookies
ISBN 078530309X,9780785303091
288 pages

A collection of recipes for over 300 holiday cookies, bars and brownies.

Cooking recipes

Grandma's Kolacky Cookies
Ingredients:butter, powdered sugar, flour, sour cream

Sophie's Kolacky
Ingredients:baking powder, butter, powdered sugar, cream cheese, flour, salt, sugar

European Beets And Herring Recipe
Ingredients:carrot, mayonnaise, beets, black pepper, eggs, onions, potato, dill weed, lemon

Five Layer Cookie Bars-gluten Free Recipe
Ingredients:semisweet chocolate chips, coconut, condensed milk, almond flour, butter, white chocolate chips

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Sweet of the Week: Caramelized Plum Kolacky
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(Caramelized plum kolacky at Bohemian House) Bohemian House's kolacky is an upgraded variation on the classic European cookie, a sort of fruity, jammy shortbread. This is to Eastern Europe as chocolate chip cookies are to Americana lore. While I never ...

Kolachi nut rolls - a Slovak family legacy
12/12/13, via CNN Eat Ocracy

Cookies and cakes dominate that section, but the pastry that has always delighted my palate is the kolachi nut roll. Kolachi (sometimes spelled "kolache") is the name often given to a standard type of Slavic dough-filled pastry. Our kolachi is rolled dough ...

5 classic Christmas cookies
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Be sure yours if fresh. If it is more than six months old, through it out and replace it. European Kolacky cookies: European Kolacky cookies were created by Solo foods as a use for their canned cake fillings. It is based on an Easter European sweet bread ...