Butternut Squash Gnocchi

Bruntmor, Heavy Duty 188 Steel Potato Ricer with Silicone Grip Handle 3 interchangeable disks

Restaurant Quality When you use the Bruntmor potato ricer, you are bringing mashed potato to a whole new level of perfection. Also good for Other Foods Not just for potatoes Works great for pumpkin, butternut squash and yams. Made of 100% 188 stainless steel, so it cleans easily in warm water and is dishwasher safe these won't rust. 3 interchangeable disks includes Fine, Medium Coarse for versatility when making mashed potatoes, gnocchi, applesauce tomato sauce. Easy To Use Making mashed potatoes is much faster and easier than using a regular potato masher. Designed for Functionality and Comfort. . Three (3) interchangeable blades (Diameter 3-18 ) for diverse functionality, Includes a coarse, medium and fine blade. . Soft Silicone Comfort Grip Handle and Knob for added comfort. Larger basket allows for time saving and easier use. Longer handle improves leverage and ergonomics. 100% Stainless Steel so that you have a potato ricer that will last a lifetime - no flaking, rusting or BPA in your

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