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Personnel: Lee Michaels (vocals, piano, harpsichord, organ); Drake Levin (guitar); Frank Davis, John Barbata (drums). Though it's convenient to dismiss Lee Michaels as nothing more than a talented one-hit-wonder, his work of provides a fascinating window into the disparate socio-musical forces that were conspiring in the late '60s. A blond Californian with teen-idol looks, Michaels' music was anything but light AM radio fodder. Equal parts gruff gospel shouter, Memphis funkster, psychedelic art rocker, and hippy singer/songwriter, the vocalist drew from his broad palette of influences as easily as some musicians choose guitar picks. More importantly, he effortlessly combined these different styles into something that could have only emerged from America in the late '60s. Historical relevance aside, however, RECITAL is a heck of a party jam. Michaels's blue-eyed soul singing rarely sounded better, and, still three years away from his career-defining hit Do You Know What I Mean, the artist is able to experiment freely. Like similar albums such as CHILD IS FATHER TO THE MAN by Blood, Sweat & Tears or ONE by Three Dog Night, RECITAL pulls together an unusually wide cross section of progressive American music styles, but never forgets the butt-shakin'.

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