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PetSafe In-Ground Dog Fence

PetSafe In-Ground Dog Fence - PetSmart

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This easy to do yourself system is the perfect alternative to expensive conventional fences. Keep your pet in the yard! This easy, do-it-yourself system lets pets roam freely in the outdoor space you designate. The lightweight, 1.5 oz receiver collar fits necks 12 - 20 inches, and can operate up to six months on one set of batteries. The thorough how-to installation video also shows you how to properly install the system and train your pets. Includes: 500 ft of wire (covers approx. 1/3 acre, additional boundary kits needed for areas over 1/2 acre) 50 flags patented UltraLight receiver collar with short and long probes adjustable transmitter batteries manual video in DVD format. General Info: Will transmit up to 10 acres or 2,800 feet of wire Boundary Control Switch Settings: A= Greater than 2,400, B= up to 1,300, C= 1,300-2,400 feet One level of correction Should be installed in a dry and protected environment Boundary wire must be copper and must be insulated Can easily use 14-20 gauge wire Boundary Width is 20% Warning Zone and 80% Static Correction Zone Transmitter Specs: Height: 4.75" Width: 4.25" Depth: 2.10" Frequency: 10.65 kHz Standard, 7kHz alternative available Flip up front cover Dark gray in color Two red indicator lights (loop and power) Wire break alarm Two Boundary Wire terminals Boundary Width Control Knob ABC Boundary Control Switch Adapter: Model number: RFA-14 (12v A/C, 830 ma) Receiver Collar Specs: Height: .75" Width: 2" Depth: .75" Weight: 1.5 oz Uses 6-volt (RFA-67) Battery Waterproof Interchangeable Contact Points (Long and Short) Concave inside surface (side facing throat) Curved washers to match concave surface 30 second safety timeout Additional boundary wire: PetSafe recommends the use of 20 gauge insulated multi-strand copper wire for direct burial. The following indicates the approximate length of boundary wire needed for a rectangular, single-loop layout. Length will vary due to the amount of twisted wire and layout used. 1/4 Acre:...

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